Creation of Snow Dragon Publishing

It was the name which brought the most torment. What to name a company? It was debated over and went through countless changes. Colors, objects, past quotes, movies and books; I was desperate to find some tie that would connect my story to myself. What am I? What is my company? How can I make this foundation a silver thread attached to my inner being?

I suppose it should not be surprising that the answer came out of nowhere.

It was a normal day when I sat with a dear friend at her house. We had much to discuss over coffee that morning. It was brought up the history of the name to a place we frequently went to study.

"It is named after a dragon's den," my friend told me with a smile.

"How funny," I laughed. "To think all this time I studied in a dragon's den and did not know it. I always favored dragons. I often dreamed of growing dragon wings myself. Of course, there are two things I always felt most connected to since childhood. Dragons and snow. I guess I should call myself the Snow Dragon."

My friend's eyes lit up. "That sounds like a company name," she said, sipping her coffee with a knowing smile.

Her words hit me like a wave. I could not believe it was so simple. What to name my company? What symbol should I take upon myself? I had wanted something closely connected to my heart and the path I've walked to get here. To think the answer was in the back of my mind for years waiting for a few select words to bring it to life. The mention of a dragon den was what brought it to light.

The Snow Dragon that was dwelling inside this secret den for years could finally open it's eyes, blink in the sunlight, and step out of the den onto the snowy mountainside where it had slumbered for centuries.

And so, the beginning of the Snow Dragon was determined.

It's adventure is yet to be told.

​Copyright 2015. Snow Dragon Publishing. All rights reserved.

Publisher/CEO, Esther L. Mendell

Snow Dragon Publishing

Special Thanks

God the Father; who gives me the gift to write and create new worlds out of nothing.

Jesus Christ; who sacrificed everything to give me eternal life.

The Holy Spirit; who guides me through this chaotic world.

My Family; Who supported my writing for years and who always have my back.

My friends; For standing behind me, beside me, and in front of me through it all.

And for you; The readers and applicants who make all of this possible and worth it.

Thank you, everyone!