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Etakai's injuries from Blood River had no time to heal before he and Reitrin are snatched back into the world of stories. In "The Lord of Desolation" they are surrounded by warring rebel armies. A plagued kingdom and the creature that climbs the cliffs adds no relief.

Then the second Eysheus shows up, and the black clouds are not far behind him.

Reitrin did not want an exciting life when the storybook character, Etakai, showed up in the real world. Then, wrenched into a storybook with the arrogant hero the two face ferocious giant scorpions and dangerous gypsies. Reitrin and Etakai have no idea if they will ever escape the storybook. How could they? While trying to solve their problems, and the storybook's problems, they run afoul of the redhead who who complicates their plans, but ironically may be the only one who can help them get back.

Echoes of Grace

About the Black Clouds, Book Two

The Crownless King

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​Sometimes it takes a sojourn through the darkness to cause us to truly yearn for the light.  Echoes of Grace is just such a journey.  The collective rendering of scripture, poetry, and drawings from the author's own hand beckons us to explore a vast landscape.  This is a journey from the testing of faith in life's darkest valleys to the incredible display of the glory of God all around us.  It is a journey of healing and discovery.  It is a journey to the light of God's perfect, all-encompassing Grace.  May it echo from the heart of God to yours as you join us on this pilgrimage.

About the Black Clouds, Book One

​The Storbook Disaster

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