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About the Black Clouds, Book 1, The Storybook Disaster 

By Esther L. Mendell 

This recreation of one of Ms. Mendell's earlier works brings back to life Reitrin and the others. Following tight to the story line of the original. Plot holes have been repaired, mistakes corrected, and, as Ms. Mendell says, she "corrected some inconsistencies with the plot further into the series." She explained how she had finished twelve of the stories in the series before realizing things were not matching up.

She went through them stories and, after asking advice from Joseph B. Lumpkin, (Author of Fallen Angels, The Watchers, and the Origins of Evil, The Books of Enoch, and many more), decided that a rewrite would be best. So, she removed the first books from the market and set to work. About the Black Clouds ​is the product of her hard work.

Ms. Mendell hopes things go smooth with the proofing and publication process. "If all goes well, the book should be out before April," she says.

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Publisher/CEO, Esther L. Mendell