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Additional Services

Snow Dragon Publishing wants to help you accomplish your goals.

Because of this we now offer Formatting Services. 

Do you have a book you want formatted, but not yet published? Are you curious how your story would look as a ready-to-publish manuscript? Are you having trouble making it look just right?

S.D.P. can have it looking professional in no time. 

Prices are deduced by size of book, pictures to be used, page count, and amount of time making changes. Finished product can be saved and sent back in almost any format, (format needed must be specified before the process can begin).

Please Note: This Formatting Service does NOT mean your novel was selected for publication. Publication is separate from all formatting services. If you wish to send a request for publication, please see our "Guidelines" page and follow the directions listed there. 

Also We do NOT offer editing! Stories submitted for Formatting will be formatted as is. No changes to the manuscript itself will be made. This service is for formatting only.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us, (using the "Contact" page), and put Formatting as the email subject for the quickest response.